Service with no compromise

immVest Properties, provides a variety of professional services. We have partnered with reputable local and foreign companies in order to extend further our remit thus providing clients’ a one-stop-shop timely and reliable solution. The immigration business brings with it additional ancillary services including:


immVest Properties Limited provides a vast range of affordable properties that satisfy investor requirements. 

Property Management

In the absence of the rightful owners of the property we sell, immVest Properties can offer different services including : taking care of the property maintenance, water and electricity bills, security, carrying out the necessary controls on electronic equipment, fittings, etc.

Interior Design

Our in house designers and partners can surely interpret and deliver the property of your dreams – painting, provision of furnishings and fittings to decorations, curtains etc.

Turnkey Projects

In collaboration with selected, trustworthy partners we are committed to providing the end-client the entire result of the project completely finished and ready to use.