immVest Properties Limited – Your Real Estate Consultants

immVest Properties Limited was set up to compliment immVest International Limited a Company providing residency and citizenship by investment services. In this respect, through immVest Properties Limited, investors applying for asset-based programs (say real-estate) are provided with a comprehensive list of properties to choose from. Programs like the ones of Malta, Cyprus, Montenegro, Greece and many others are asset-based and therefore property must be rented or purchased to satisfy the relevant program criteria.

immVest Properties Limited has teamed up with large international real-estate developers and renowned property agents to ensure that all its clients are provided professional advice regarding selection of property, location, quality and future return on investment. We strive to provide the latest property on the local and international market to satisfy RCBI & CBI requirements.

– Roderick Cutajar – MSc.,Dip.HRM, MIM, IMCM